GarageVac MK2-Flush Mounted .8-GF-120-X
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GarageVac MK2-Flush Mounted .8-GF-120-X

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All the great features of our popular surface mounted GarageVac but with an even sleeker, space saving look. 

The recess mount GarageVac fits into any 4 inch space and the hose and accessories are right at your fingertips.  

Designed to be mounted flush into a 2x4 interior wall, a cabinet, or any other stable surface, and hardwired into the existing electrical.  It’s a snap to install.  Simply follow the instructions on the provided paper template.  

The unique stretch hose shrinks from forty feet to just eight feet for easy storage.

Includes the following:

* 40' Stretch Hose with garage grip

* X157 Telescoping Wand

* X404 Bare Floor Tool

* X511 Snake Wand (long flexible crevice tool)

* X153 Wall Clamp

* X200 Crevice Tool

* X251 Elongated Dust Brush

* X300 Upholstery Tool

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