35\' Stretch Hose

35' Stretch Hose

Our Price$55.00

**Which hose would work best for me?**

Pros and Cons for the Stretch Hose:              


  • Stretches to 35 feet
  • Quick to grab for vacuuming and quick to hang-up again.


  • Internal spring which allows it to stretch also creates a pull back effect.
  • Higher tendency to clog

Pros and cons for the Central Vacuum Hose:


  • Creates about a ¼ more suction power.
  • Has less of a chance of creating clogs.
  • Lays flat on the floor, does not pull back


  • Available in 30 feet length only.
  • Requires more handling when winding over the GarageVac
  • Can not be stored on a Flush Mount Model.

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