Remote Control On/Off Handle AS-33
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Remote Control On/Off Handle AS-33

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Remote Control On/Off Handle AS-33

Make your vacuum even better.

Convert your built-in central vacuum into a remotely controlled system!  Just like your television set remote, no need to walk to the unit when you want to shut down your vacuum cleaner to take a phone call or move an object out the way while vacuuming.  No more trying to attach a remote control device with Velcro straps.  This remote control is fully integrated into the handle and is pre-synched so you are ready to go.  Can use in a 100 Foot Radius.  Great for RV, Boat and Home models.

  • Complete system includes the Remote Control Receiver with three prong plug attached.
  • 35’ Stretch Hose (shrinks to just 8’ when not in use) with Remote Control Integrated Pistol Grip.
  • Two Orange Wire connectors.
  • Easy to install on any InterVac model CS-RM or RM 120 Volt model vacuum cleaner.
  • Also works with any household 120 Volt Central Vacuum

Made in USA

 FCC approved for safety and quality assurance.  No programming or tools required.

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