How long will it take to install my InterVac?
The surface mounted vacuum unit takes about 10 minutes, while the flush mounted InterVac installs in about 30 minutes.

What is the advantage of a central vacuum?
Because the power unit is stationary, there is no heavy vacuum cleaner to lift or drag and no closet space is required for storage. Central vacuums last much longer than canisters or uprights because they are stationary, which means they are not being banged against furniture or base boards, protecting both your vacuum cleaner and your furniture, and extending the life of your vacuum cleaner.

How powerful is the vacuum cleaner?
It has a 12 amp motor with 100 of water lift. This compares favorably with any top quality upright or canister vacuum.

How much dust does the bag hold?
8 pounds, depending on the type of debris. The patented vacuum chamber allows the bag to fill completely without collapsing, thereby utilizing the entire bag.

What type of filtration does InterVac have?
InterVac comes standard with a five layer HEPA type filtration system that filters up to 99.97% of dirt, dust and allergens down to 3 microns in size.

If I have a surface mounted unit, can I use it in other places?
Yes, InterVac model H120 is the only central vacuum that can also be portable. So now you can move your central vacuum between the home, RV, boat or cottage.

Would I need any special tools to install my InterVac?
A simple Leatherman tool can be used to install either the F120 or H120.

What is the warranty?
All InterVacs come with a six year warranty and extended warranties are available.

Can I vacuum up water?
No. InterVac’s are not designed as a wet/dry vacuum.

Do I have to install it vertically?
No, InterVac is the most versatile vacuum cleaner you’ll ever own. It can be mounted horizontally or on its side as well as vertically.

How does the central vac work without pipes?
Each InterVac is a self contained unit with its own motor and dust bag. With a 35’ hose you can clean an area from about 900 to 1500 sq. ft., depending on the layout.

Where does the air discharge?
The air discharges from the bottom of the unit. With InterVacs’ high filtration system you can be assured that dirt will not be returned into your home, RV, or yacht. Always check the filtration rating on ANY vacuum cleaner you purchase! Our standard dust bag has a 5 layer fiber material which compares in quality with HEPA filtration.

I like a standard central vacuum hose. Why do you sell the stretch hose?
Each hose has its own merits. Standard central vacuum hose is lighter weight but it is inconvenient to store. With the stretch hose, it is quick to connect, making it ideal for high traffic areas and quick clean ups, and it shrinks to just 8’ so it is simple to store.

How does your vacuum cleaner compare with a standard upright or canister?
Intervac units have more suction power than most of the standard vacuums in retail stores.

My vacuum cleaner stopped running. What should I do?
The most common cause is a clogged hose or floor tool, so check that first. The motor is protected so it can not burn up and will require about an hour to reset.

I already have a central vacuum, but I like your stretch hose accessory kit. Will it work with my system?
We cannot assure you that the kit will work with your system. The cuffs at the end of the hose may be a different size.

What is your return policy?
30 days from the date of purchase when you purchase it directly from InterVac Design. If you purchased it directly from a different outlet, you will need to contact the place you purchased it from.