Add a central vac to your boat without knocking down a single wall!

Designed to be installed in your boat, only InterVac offers two installation options.

  1. Surface mount to the wall.  The back of the power unit has four keyholes that slide onto four screws installed on the compartment wall.  The vacuum has a 5' power cord attached so all you need to do is plug it into a nearby outlet.
  2. Or recess it inside the compartment by making a cutout and securing it with four screws on the front of the unit.  On either unit, the top of the power unit has a built in connector to attach your 2" flexible installation hose that leads from the power unit up to the inlet valve inside your boat or RV.  Your InterVac is activated when the accessory hose is connected to the inlet valve inside the coach. *No ground wire needed for installation*

Industry leading two year warranty!