GarageVac Surface Mount with Remote Control: Ebony Only GH120-E-RC


The Garagevac now has a on/off remote on the handle.

Now you can turn your GarageVac on and off with the push of a button right at your fingertips. Just like your television set remote, no need to walk to the unit when you want to shut down your vacuum cleaner to take a phone call. This saves so much time since you don’t need to walk back and forward to the unit, especially when rearranging things to get into nooks and crannies.. No more trying to attach a remote control device with Velcro straps. This remote control is fully integrated into the handle. To sync your remote, just hold the on/off switch down while you plug your GarageVac into the wall outlet. It will beep three times and it will then be synched. Great for wood workers! Can use in a 100 Foot Radius.

Compact GarageVac saves valuable garage space (dimensions: 29 1/2" H x 9 1/5" w x 4" D).  Sleek, lightweight alternative to bulky canister style garage vacuums but just as powerful.  Only 2 ½ feet of wall space is required.  The vacuum cleaner is stored neatly away but it’s right at your fingertips.  At just 9lbs, it’s a snap to install.  The built in tool caddy keeps all your accessories organized and at your fingertips, while the stretch hose goes from 8’ to 35’ so you can clean the car while its parked in the driveway and still reach inside the house to clean the high traffic kitchen area.Additional features:Hypo Allergenic Filtration—Won’t contaminate the air.  Patented design of the vacuum chamber prevents the bag from collapsing so it can fill all the way to the top without losing suction.  One bag last and average of four months.

  • Complete system includes the GarageVac with Integrated tool caddy to store the 24” Flexible Crevice Tool (for hard to reach places), 8” Crevice Tool, elongated dust brush and upholstery tool.
  • Steel one-piece wand: Adjustable to various heights—won’t crack, rust or corrode.
  • Easy to install: 5 minute installation. Just hang on the surface of any wall.
  • Portable: Use it many ways.  In your boat, RV, utility room or craft/sewing room.
  • 2 Year Warranty

Includes the following:

  • Remote Control pistol grip with 100' range
  • 35' Stretch Hose with garage grip (shrinks to 8’)
  • X157 Telescoping Wand
  • X404 Bare Floor Tool
  • X511 Snake Wand (long flexible crevice tool)
  • 1 high filtration dust bag that filter dust, dander and allergens to .3 microns

Watch the remote control in action.

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